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A & P Commission

The Advertising and Promotion Commission is made up of seven commissioners. Two from the hotel industry, two from the restaurant industry, two city council members, and one at large position.

The A & P Commission is the governing body of the Bentonville Convention & Visitors Bureau. Commissioners must live in Bentonville, be an eligible voter in Bentonville, and also meet one of the seven criteria for a commissioners position, i.e. hotelier, restauranteaur, city council member, or at large-general business person. The seven commissioners meet every fourth Thursday of the month and review financials including tax collections and delinquent accounts, CVB operations, and tourism funding requests when applicable.

Below are the current A & P Commissioners:

Commissioner Affiliation Term End
Todd Darouse Honey Baked Ham 2014
David Hutchens Chick Fil A 2012
Bryan Rose
Simmons Suites 2015
Galen Havner Bentonville Public Schools 2015
James Dotson City Council n/a*
Chris Sooter City Council n/a*
Amanda Webb Comfort Suites 2013

*City Council terms, which are appointed by the Mayor are until the mbmer quits, fails to execute duties or the Mayor has them removed.

If you have questions regarding the Advertising & Promotion Commission, please contact Kalene Griffith, President, Bentonville CVB/A& P Commission